With Solar Maps, STEPS offers a product to calculate solar radiation for a larger areas like cities. All based on the PV20 algorithm. The resulting datasets can be incorporated in special programs (GIS) or published as a map service to make it available for a larger target group.

The results of Solar Maps are possible means of opinion making strategies, as well as for public incentives – the calculated results are used for evaluation within decision-making units. Solar thermal and photovoltaic systems can be better planned, positioned and dimensioned with all the information available.

Shown are solar irradiation and sunshine duration, but even more detailed analyses like reports for single buildings are feasible. Combined with user behavior data, systems can be individually adjusted taking needs and interests into account.

Bild: Anwendung Solarpotentiale Tirol

Example: Anwendung Solarpotentiale Tirol

The public portal can be found here: www.tirolsolar.at.

Further information about the project Solar Tirol can be found online at www.tirol.gv.at/solartirol or in the digital brochure (link).