Nature, man and technology are directly related and influence each other. STEPS is an engineering office for process engineering and geography and provides combined knowledge in these fields.

Our Focus is on:
  • Development of analysis and simulation methods in the fields of renewable energy and geoinformatics.
  • Yield simulation and design of photovoltaic power plants (fixed-tilt and tracking systems).
  • Calculation of large-scale solar cadastres (roofs and facades).

STEPS was founded in 2010 as sole proprietorship (STEPS e.U.) by Markus Posch. The goal was to develop a new and better method to simulate photovoltaic yields and -systems. A great part of this project is the combination of geography, and environmental- and process engineering.

2013, another milestone was reached: Allianz insurance company admits to STEPS developed method for photovoltaic yield simulation. The concept and brand of PV20 arises.

2015, STEPS started the expansion of the basic concept of PV20. The range of the tools was extended in order to make it available to external users.

2017, the STEPS technology GmbH was founded. Today STEPS technology GmbH takes care of the worldwide organization and sales of PV20 and the corresponding concept.

STEPS e.U., with Markus Posch, engages primer in energy and environment, engine building and the increasing electric mobility.