With PV20, STEPS offers an online solution for the photovoltaic sector. It combines yield simulation, geographic data and customer behavior in one product. It offers easy handling and customer management. This all results in a unique tool. PV20 is an all-round talent for planning of photovoltaic projects – PV20 combines the technical planning of photovoltaic-systems with an accurate yield calculation which are available as reports. Furthermore, submission documents, offers and stock lists are available. All tasks are done within one tool. Due to the calculation-algorithm of PV20, the project data is improved with exact geographic, climate data and exact sun positions. The results of the performed yield calulations are highly accurate and approved by Allianz. They offer an exclusive insurance based on the results. Therefore, we can provide our clients a total carefree package.


Pre-existing photovoltaic systems

The exclusive all-risk-insurance by Allianz is not only for systems at the stage of planning, but also for pre-existing photovoltaic systems. Every PV20 user has the possibility to re-evaluate already installed and running photovoltaic systems with the same tool.
Keep in touch with your costumers: offering a technical inspection of existing photovoltaic-systems is the way to go! Give your clients the opportunity of guaranteed yield and safety! Benefit from enhanced costumer loyalty, since immediate repairing costs are covered up to 5000 Euro.

Further Information about PV20:

PV20 web site: www.pv-20.at
PV20 flyer: Pdf-download (german only)