The Concept

The PV20 Power Plant offers a well structured workflow for the planning process of photovoltaic power plants: starting with a quick preliminary-analysis for an assessment of the suitability of the location, layout-creation considering the terrain, up to in-depth planning and engineering. The purpose built methods and packages allow  a reliable and meaningful evaluation of the project by banks and investors. The workflow results in immense time and cost savings throughout the planning phase. After commissioning a unique surveillance package provides a continuous comparison of actual generated to target yield. 

The STEPS Insurance Report 

The STEPS Insurance Report includes exact assessment of the yearly yield and income. Thorough the cooperation partners and the Allianz insurance packages the income can be assured. It is possible to make an inquiry for the insurance during the planning phase.

Detailed information about the report and benefits can be found for projects:
* outside Europe
* inside the EU with even more benefits 


This provides a first estimation of the yield and gives an approximate cost evaluation of the plant. Furthermore, this package also gives an overview of the project, so future decisions can be base upon the results.

✓ Evaluation of terrain suitability
✓ Yield simulation
✓ Comparison of yield to fixed-tilt system
✓ Estimation of corrosivity category

Project Design

Based on the PV20 Prestudy results a more in-depth analysis is done during this stage, including  a first layout. A more accurate etimation of the project cost is possible .

✓Professional  reports for investors
✓ Layout and positioning 
✓ Self shading analysis


PV20 Engineering is a special support package for detailed planning. Therefor, technical knowledge and methods are provided.

✓ Terrain analysis
✓ Planning and optimization
✓ Soil volume caluclation for removal
✓ Acquisition of high resolution data


This packages provides continuous data analyses and ensures optimum operation during operation.  

✓ Comparison of simulated and actual yield
✓ Cloud analysis
✓ Customized parameter sets