STEPS Insurance report – europe

The STEPS insurance report acts as basis for the  insurance packages offered by the ALLIANZ Elementar Versicherungs AG. These packages allow to minimize the risks of bad weather conditions, business interruption and physical damage. Solely STEPS insurance reports are accepted by the ALLIANZ. 


At a glance

✓ Exact estimation of yield
✓ Coverage of property damage
✓ Coverage of business interruption
✓ Yield guarantee in case of bad weather conditions
✓ ALLIANZ and TH-Solar partnership

Evaluate the potential

The focus of the insurance report is the analysis and evaluation of the potential yield the power plant is possible to produce. The yield calculation does not only take into account the location, and environment parameters, but also the influence of technical components. Therefore, a comparison to actual yield values and on-site-measurements is possible.

During the planning phase the yield evaluation enables the constructor or future operator to know the potential of the power plant and expected income before commissioning. All calculations are based on the the projected components.

In case of an already existing and commissioned power plant, the yield evaluation ist best accompanied with a technical revision of the components in use. This is a unique opportunity to ensure the plant is operating flawlessly.

Know the risk

According to studies, extreme weather conditions are likley to occure more often due to the changing climate. Furthermore, the expected impact may be more severe. Thunderstorms, hail, storms and floodings may pose even more risk for power plants in the near future. Many of the threats are characterized by small-scale effects and variations. These variations are hard to predict, but can wreak havoc.

Periods of suboptimal weather conditions are likely to pose a huge financial risk. Even a few weeks with limited production during the summer months are capable of endanger the financial security of power plants.

Reduce the damage

The STEPS insurance report and the contained yield evaluation are the basis for the All-Risk ALLIANZ insurance package. This package is available inside the European Union and covers property damage and costs resulting out of business interruption due to property damage. Furthermore, the unique yield guarantee covers damage as a result of bad weather conditions (more than 10% below the evaluated yield).

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